The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre offers a 5-course dinner + comedy show, complete with a fully-licensed bar. Join us for your next celebration.


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Planning any event can be painful.

It can feel like building a puzzle with 2 pieces missing.

You spend a ton of time, energy and money and no matter how hard you try it feels impossible to pull it together.

Imagine if it was easy. Imagine if all the puzzle pieces were in one box.

In addition to the fact that we put on our own original Hilarious, Rockin’ Adventures with Food all year-round, The Giggle Dam is also the perfect 200-seat venue for events of all kinds. We’re one of the only rooms in the lower mainland that boasts the benefit of being a restaurant, a bar and a unique theatre & concert performance venue (complete with professional musicians & performers) all-in-one. If you can imagine it, our team can make it come to life. We’ve learned a few things about event hosting. We’ve done it every weekend for 14 years.

Let us take the pain out of the puzzle.
Everything should be this easy.
A few DAM words from some of our corporate clients:

“The Giggle Dam offers a unique opportunity for any group to host a fun and entertaining unique event. The team at the GD will customize the evening to your liking, ensuring a successful event. From corporate events to over the top fundraisers, the GD is the place to impress your guest – an evening they will never forget.”
Greg Moore, Mayor of Port Coquitlam
Chair Metro Vancouver Regional District

“The Giggle Dam team was accommodating and a pleasure to work with in the planning of our recent Fibre Optic launch event in the Tri Cities. The service and entertainment were terrific making the evening a great success.”
Sarah Rolph
Marketing Specialist | TELUS

“Landscape Centre Inc was turning 25 years old and we were trying to find a venue that would work for the type of celebration we were hoping for. The space allowed us up to 200 people and the Giggle Dam was very willing to work with us from choosing a date, through to the final curtain call. They allowed us to be as much as we wanted to be. They used our corporate logo throughout the evening and even branded dinner items, menus, drinks, etc to personalize things just that much more. The cast kept our guests entertained for hours and nobody died eating the food, so win win for all! The overall value that we received for our investment was worth every penny. We’re hoping to celebrate our 50th at the Giggle Dam!”
Lance Schindel

We look forward to making your event the easiest one-of-a-kind function you’ve ever had the pleasure of NOT stressing over.

• Corporate Events • Conventions and Networking Events • Award Galas • Launch Parties and Mixers • Project Wrap Parties • Video & Television Productions • Reunions • Hula Hoop Lessons • Pie Eating Contests • Weddings •Etc!



Let’s talk about our man in the kitchen, Chef Pieter J Van Meenen. Pieter is responsible for creating all of the themed dishes for our regular Giggle Dam shows but many people don’t realize he can ACTUALLY cook more than four main dishes and, that he ACTUALLY has a large amount of experience in the banquet and catering industry. Furthermore, he actually ENJOYS the monumental responsibility of successfully cooking for massive groups of people. He says it’s ‘his happy place’.

We think he’s crazy. Perhaps that’s why we love him.

In addition to our regular Giggle Dam fare, Pieter is in house famous for his home made hot and cold appetizers and dips. He is also very good at ramping the menu up to what we call ‘La Di Da Standards’. The point here is your event has LOTS of different food options and Chef Pieter is HAPPY to discuss it with you. Just ask.

Culinary options are varied and menus are created custom to each event by Chef Pieter. 

If you have ever been to a regular Giggle Dam show, you know that we’re so lucky to have one of the best ensemble casts of wickedly skilled lunatics around.  They are multi-talented singers and musicians, comedians and actors, and they attribute their spark to the chemistry they have developed between one another after having performed together for so many years.  We can customize our format to meet your ‘vibe’, be it a chill acoustic mood, a kick-ass dance Show Band or a full-on Giggle Dam musical comedy show. It’s always delivered with a smile and is a great time.

Some places charge extra for a simple microphone and a podium. Really?

The Giggle Dam houses a professional concert PA and lighting system complete with up to six wireless microphones, as well as an in-house closed circuit TV system. This makes it so you are heard and works great for any sort of video presentations you may want to include at your event. Our highly qualified technical staff will make it sound and look great for you. We are also able to access other production items like large screens and specialty lighting as required. If you need it, we will find it and make it happen.

All you have to do is ask and the podium is free.

Every night when we walk off the stage at a Giggle Dam show one question gets asked in the dressing room. Did we win tonight? Unlike a hockey game where there is an actual score our definition of winning is whether or not people walk out of our building feeling like they had a terrific time, made some great memories and enjoyed a great value. If we have done our job right then yes indeed, we win.

Since opening in 2001 we have made mistakes all across the board. Essentially, every night we perform is an event and a lot can go wrong and it has. We have learned, fixed, tweaked, spent, observed, studied and implemented … all in the sole effort to win as much as possible so we can keep doing what we do. We have a unique venue and a great, experienced team of people that hate to lose.

So the conclusion is actually pretty simple.

We can help you WIN when hosting your event.
Which makes it easy, too.

For Event Rates, Information & Lousy Golf Advice
Please contact the Box Office 604-9-GIGGLE

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