The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre offers a 5-course dinner + comedy show, complete with a fully-licensed bar. Join us for your next celebration.


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>Reservation Cancellation Policy

At the Giggle Dam, we provide a lot of flexibility around how our tickets and group reservations are issued, but there are some policies and procedures you need to be aware of when purchasing tickets.

When you purchase a ticket to the show, you are entering into a contract that requires you to purchase dinner. We are a dinner theatre, after all, and have legal requirements imposed upon our liquor license that require the purchase of food. You must purchase a ticket class that includes food, like our New Year’s Eve tickets, or, if purchasing a ticket for a show at $39.99, you are also agreeing that the purchase of dinner for $29.99 is mandatory at the theatre and you must purchase dinner to remain on the premises. We are not licensed as a bar and cannot allow patrons to remain on the premises without purchasing our dinner service.

You are also agreeing that if you attend a performance without purchasing food, that you will forfeit all rights to your tickets and we may immediately cancel them without a refund. You also agree that a cancellation charge, equal to the purchase of dinner, will be applied to your reservation if you are asked to leave. We do this because your refusal or inability to purchase and enjoy our dinner service would deprive us of the opportunity to provide that service to a guest that can follow our policy. The cancellation fee is assessed automatically by our reservation system.

The same situation applies if you book tickets, and then do not attend the performance. The system will automatically generate cancellation fees equal to the meals of your party. It is very important that you attend each performance you purchased tickets for.

If you find that you must make a reservation modification, we offer flexible options to move your party to another date or provide a credit in the form of a Giggle Dam Gift Card. Requests to be moved or canceled your reservation must be received at least 2 weeks before the scheduled performance date. After this deadline has passed, the reservation cannot be changed or modified and you must attend the performance as scheduled. If you purchased your tickets outside the cancellation window, they are treated as a final sale.

Giggle Dam Gift Cards issued as a credit can only be used to purchase new tickets and cannot be used inside the theatre. Note that if we authorize a credit as a Giggle Dam Gift Card, any transaction fees you’ve paid for the reservation being canceled will not be returned to you. When you rebook using a gift card only, you will not be charged a new transaction fee.

We do make some exceptions to this policy, specifically if you are awaiting the results of a COVID PCR or other related test that prevent you from attending the performance. Please contact the Box Office to be provided with instructions regarding the documentation required to move or credit a reservation canceled for COVID 19 reasons.

If you make a reservation for a group and we agree to reserve the date, and you do not pay for the reservation, we treat this the same as a no-show and a fee of $70 per person will be assessed. You can avoid this fee entirely by canceling the reservation at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled performance date. We reserve the right and often do, set shorter limits on the time you have to pay. If we’ve sent you an invoice for a group booking, please carefully review the invoice’s due date and ensure that your payment is processed prior to the end of that business day.

All ticket sales are final. Just like a hockey game or rock concert, once you purchase your tickets, they’re yours absolutely non-refundable. We do not provide refunds for any reason. If we cancel a performance, we will either issue you a Giggle Dam Gift Card for your reservation or credit your original form of payment. We only cancel performances in the rarest of circumstances.

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