The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre offers a 5-course dinner + comedy show, complete with a fully-licensed bar. Join us for your next celebration.


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>>The Itchy Beaver Card

The Itchy Beaver Card

‘By now you probably know our mascot is a beaver … Yup … We just couldn’t help ourselves’

Have a Laugh & WIN Winnable Stuff!

Remember that old song “Everyone’s a Winner’? That’s the theme of the Giggle Dam Itchy Beaver Card. Our goal is to spread laughter and of course, remind people that the Giggle Dam is a very special place full of cool people. If you have one of these fun little cards that means someone from our staff met you on the street or at an event and thought you’d love what we do. Maybe we caught you dancing for no reason, singing in your car or just laughing at life. Maybe you were an awesome human for no reason at all and we thought you needed a reward. The bottom line is we are watching, watching for great people in the world who we think would love a reason to come to the Giggle Dam. Many of our customers have become our good friends. If only other businesses could be so lucky.

So go ahead. Scratch our beaver. Consider it an exclusive invitation to be part of our cheeky, humorous world. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll win winnable stuff.

The Iconic List of Winnable Stuff Possibilities
‘Under the beaver lies your fate’ … Darth Vader, 1978

I won DINNER & SHOW* Winnable Stuff!

Dinner & Show for 8
Dinner & Show for 6
Dinner & Show for 4
Dinner & Show for 2
Dinner & Show for 1

‘Wow … Congrats … you had some horse shoes up your b*tt today didn’t you!’
All Dinner & Show prizes expire 3 months from time of issue.
Please contact the Giggle Dam Box Office directly to claim your prize and facilitate your booking. Advance Reservations ARE Required. Itchy Beaver Card must be surrendered at time of use.

[email protected]

*Dinner & Show prizes do not include drinks or gratuities, and are not valid for Aussie NYE or NYE
Productions, or any special productions where the ticket price exceeds the regular price.

 I won OTHER Winnable Stuff!

Beaver Embossed Champagne Glasses
Giggle Dam T-Shirts
6-Pack Cooler Bags
Beaver Hats
Beaver Embossed Shot Glasses

If you won any of the above ‘merchandise’ winnable stuff, it’s pretty straightforward. The next time you attend a Giggle Dam show, just bring your winning card along and we’ll give you your prize!
As much as we’d love to stand in front of our building and give away winnable stuff we’ve learned we would go out of business. Furthermore, this venture would no longer be considered a promotion and our accountant says it would then have to be filed as ‘Business Hari-Kari’. This would be bad considering none of us are qualified to do anything else.

All prizing is ‘WHILE SUPPLIES LAST’. Notice the fine print is BIG. Don’t worry though we have LOTS of Winnable Stuff. Plus, we have a ton of errant items in the cast dressing room we would love to give away like single shoes, old wigs, 10 year old make up brushes and tufts of lint that we do not know the origin of.

We look forward to having our way with you!

We hope our Itchy Beaver Card gave you a smile. That’s the idea. Feel free to keep it in your purse or wallet to show like minded friends or perhaps total strangers in the elevator on your way to the 40th floor. Maybe if you don’t HAVE any friends the people in the elevator will become your NEW friends … and it was an itchy beaver that brought you together. How utterly, and humorously, magical, just like the Giggle Dam.

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