When it comes to epic office parties in Vancouver nothing comes even close to the kind of blast you can have at the Giggle Dam. If you are one of those who haven’t been to one and wonder what the fuss is about you have got to check the place out. There isn’t a place in the City of Vancouver where you can have so much fun in a single evening. Whoever comes to the Giggle Dam is advised to eat, laugh and celebrate and with a good reason. When you come here to party you are in for the surprise of your life-a hedonistic extravaganza in the shape of a delectable five-course dinner even while watching an outrageous comedy show (guaranteed to offend the thin-skinned!) and many Dam-sized drinks. If that weren’t enough you have an incredible house band to help you rock the party.

The thing about the Giggle Dam is that they have the knack of making every celebration and party a memory to savor over a long time. Not only will you forget work-related stress, but will also bond big time with your colleagues. Imagine that! It helps that the Giggle Dam is a one of its kind fully licensed bar that can accommodate as many as two hundred of your colleagues to have the most raucous party ever. The fact that the venue is equipped with state of the art AV equipment manned by an excellent tech staff lets you experience a truly epic celebration in the truest sense of the word.

The in-house chef is a legend in himself and ensures that the food served to you makes your evening like no other. An office party can’t be a tame affair, can it? There are simply too many undercurrents. But then the best party venue in Vancouver Canada is just the place where you can let your hair down and enjoy some really bawdy and thoroughly irreverent entertainment while having a meal that warms your heart. The three to four hours that you spend that evening will be a time of unadulterated joy, laughter and riotous fun.

The naughty nature of the entertainment that an office party goers will experience at the Giggle Dam is just the kind of fun that dyed in the wool corporate warriors would take to with gusto. As an aside, if you are a music aficionado the quality of the singing on offer at this venue is nothing short of epic itself. The performers make it a point to impart a personal touch to the evening by taking the pains to acquaint themselves with the guests and sharing their own backstories. They are really good at making the guests feel truly appreciated and pampered. True they might crack a joke or two at their expenses, but it is all done to make the evening that much more fun and livelier.

Helping keep the spirits suitable high is the fine cocktail and wine menu. The dam sized cocktail is something that everybody digs at office parties held at this venue. There is so much fun to be had at the Giggle Dam and it is a sin to not revel in it when here. The fun vibe is quite infectious in fact what with everybody guests and the performers having themselves a most wonderful time.

The corporate world being what it is, there is nothing that will help recharge and rejuvenate office goers than a party where they can have a great many laughs. At the Giggle Dam, one does not worry about being politically correct. There are better things to do. Like, enjoying a splendid five-course meal even while being entertained with some totally naughty and positively adult theatre. Where else could you have an office party that offers so very much?

There is so much to recommend about the Giggle Dam. The performers are out of the top drawers in terms of their sheer artistic ability. Everything from the acting and scintillating comedy to the most rousing of musical performance is of top-calibre. The icing on the cake is the wonderful staff who pull all the stops in making you have the time of your life.

Giggle Dam is the kind of place where you can expect the unexpected. Like the actors getting involved in the serving of the food! That is the thing about the performers here-they like it when the guests participate in their shows and go out of their way to make that happen. If you haven’t been to a Giggle Dam party before, you may experience shock or awe or both, when you do. What you experience is up to you, but you sure won’t be unaffected.

Whatever the scale of an office party you are thinking of organizing we will make it an evening your employees will be grateful about for a long time to come. While the party will be truly epic the rates that we will charge you will be honest to goodness. While we warmly welcome corporate groups to have their parties during our usual Friday and Saturday night slots, we can host one any day of the week for a group of at least 75 people.

If your parties are held between Sunday and Thursday you can avail of our special corporate rates and incentives, as also our upgraded menu and wine options. Fridays and Saturdays can be booked as a venue- buyout- package. We also come to any venue of your choice in case you have more than two hundred guests coming over. When it comes to making a party rock we at Giggle Dam are always up to it!


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