When it comes to planning the best birthday night out in Vancouver, you couldn’t do better than to choose the  Giggle Dam as the venue. As the name suggests, it is one happy place-just the kind where you and your buddies can celebrate the occasion of your birth! What is so special about this entertainment hub is the many splendid ways that you and pals can have DINNER! Think about dinner accompanied by an interactive live 4-hour musical comedy extravaganza; dinner amid a pulsating rock concert and dinner in the company of an eight-piece live show band and dinner watching celebrity impersonations that rival Vegas!

While there might be other guests having dinner at Giggle Dam, your group stands out on account of the different colored placemats. Plus you get party hats and you the lucky birthday boy get a show T-shirt. And a couple of cellophane-wrapped Beaver embossed champagne flutes. And a personally autographed 8×10 picture of the cast. AND a free DAM size birthday shot. What’s more, you get to keep the DAM shooter glass!

Where else would you rather bring in your birthday celebrations? Living in Vancouver, you cannot think of a venue to usher in your birthday with your friends and loved ones that could be more fun and entertaining than the Giggle Dam. If you happen to be visiting at the time of your birthday, know that the Dam is the place to head to for loads of action and fun.

There is so much to look forward to. The DAM truly is a revelation to the uninitiated. A veritable Saturday Night Live with dinner thrown in. There is unending fun and entertainment to be enjoyed there-something that can’t be matched or replicated elsewhere.  Nowhere else in the lower mainland will you find a birthday party venue that is this rocking.  The infrastructure to start with is great. It comprises of a 200 seat venue that serves as a restaurant, a bar and live theater and a concert venue thrown in for good measure. Where else would you rather be?

You can plan as grandiose a birthday party as you have ever imagined at the Dam, what with their team bringing your zaniest vision of a decadent birthday celebration bash to life. There is nothing in Vancouver BC that will even begin to approach the kind of extravaganza of a birthday party that you can have at the Giggle Dam. The staff at Giggle Dam have been helping guests have the time of their lives over the last almost decade and a half and you can trust them to do their damnedest to make your birthday celebrations truly memorable.

The place is named Giggle Dam with a purpose, something that you will appreciate the moment that you walk through its gates. The shows that they put up for the guest are nothing short of hilarious and you cannot but be awed by the sheer talent exhibited by the cast. The fact that the dinner is part of the show encompassing details about the guests present makes your birthday party a very personal and intimate affair. Don’t be surprised if the cast shares their backstories as well-all done in a very endearing and entertaining way. Also, be prepared for a few jokes directed your way by the cast who would have taken the trouble to remember you and your friends by name!

Add to that the DAM size of the cocktails and the unending supply of the most delectable cuisine and this will be one birthday bash you will remember for a long long time. That’s the whole point of having a birthday celebration. Letting your hair down and forgetting about being politically correct, while having some irreverent fun is how it should go. That is the DAM way of celebrating your birthday.

Then there is the singing. You won’t find a house band of this caliber to serenade you the way they do anywhere else in Vancouver state. Why have just any old boring birthday party when you can have the best birthday dinner party in town- the Giggle Dam way. The whole point of going there to celebrate your birthday is to revel in the business of living itself Why take life or your self so seriously. Let your birthday be the day that you have more fun than you can imagine-fun with total abandon. Be prepared to enjoy a roast (the pun is intended) with your buddies in tow.

Giggle Dam is such a fun party venue that Vancouver tourism sure does owe the dam some gratitude for injecting Vegas-style fun and vigor to this northerly town! If you are game for some real fun on your birthday, you and your buddies have got to head to the Giggle Dam.

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