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Jenny Moase


Jenny began studying the art of music at the ripe old age of three. She could be found in various locations around the house singing to pop icons of the 80's and 90's into such accoutrement as vacuum cleaners, broomsticks & hairbrushes. Many moons later, she harnessed her love of the art at Capilano University's Musical Theatre Program as a 2009 graduate. Outside of theatre, Jenny is often found onstage pursuing her first love, singing. You can most often find her hitting up the stages in Vancouver's downtown core with her original hip hop crew, The Family Compact, as a vocalist and MC. You can also find her sweeping the outskirts fronting Vancouver's established Rock cover band, The Outlaws. She has recently shared the stage with Nelly, D12, Chamillionaire, Canibus and most recently, Swollen Members. Watch out for her upcoming album, Uncensored Content, being released this July. Some of her fave past shows include Hair; Sheila (Fighting Chance), Threepenny Opera; Jenny (Exit 22) and an awesome throwback to the golden olden days in the Barkerville Theatre Troupe 2009. Jenny is super excited to have finally found her place as a part of this zany and awesome GIGGLE DAM FAMILY! All hail The Ones who support art!..especially you mummy.

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